About Us

Bastrop, Texas

Located in Bastrop Texas, just a short drive outside of Austin and only a couple hours’ drive from Houston, a unique experience for lovers of Texas rivers awaits at Bastrop River Company.

Bastrop River Company was founded in 2011 as Bastrop Kayak, a family owned father and son side business. After a successful first summer (despite the infamous Bastrop Complex Wildfire) both father and son were presented with opportunities away from Bastrop. The family decided to sell the business and was looking for the right buyer who would build on what they had started.

Meanwhile… in Fort Worth, TX, Lee Harle (pictured below), was looking to start up a Texas river outfit on the Trinity River. While developing his idea for a river business in Fort Worth, Lee became aware of Bastrop Kayak being for sale. Recognizing that the river in Fort Worth was not quite ready for his plans, Harle decided to take over Bastrop Kayak and start his river operations on the Colorado River. Within a few weeks, the deal was done and Bastrop Kayak became Bastrop River Company.

The name change was to show that the river outfitter in Bastrop is not just about kayaks. Lee envisioned a full-service river outfit that is all things Texas river recreation. The River Company is not just another kayak and canoe rental shop. The River Company strives to provide unique and creative recreational and personal development opportunities. Bastrop River Company offers a variety leisure activities, recreation packages, and team building programs while hosting visitors from all over Texas. Bastrop’s historical location between Austin, Houston, and San Antonio makes the Lower Colorado River a perfect destination for nature loving history buffs.

Our Mission: Provide a safe, fun, convenient, well operated recreational experience!


This picture of River Co founder Lee Harle was taken during the 2015 Texas Water Safari at the 248 mile marker. The River Co. has a firm philosophy that in order to truly share the joy and beauty of Texas Rivers with others we must experience them ourselves… and often!