We Do The Work, You Have The Fun!

Our Mission


Provide a safe, fun, convenient, well operated recreational experience! Located in Bastrop, Texas, just a short drive outside of Austin and only a couple hour drive from Houston, we offer a unique experience for lovers of Texas rivers. Bastrop River Company was founded in 2011 as Bastrop Kayak, a family owned father and son side business. Bastrop River Company offers a variety leisure activities, recreation packages, and team building programs, hosting visitors from all over Texas.

Fantastic Weekend

"We had an incredible trip with an overnight stay on Boy Scout Island. All of the boys loved the trip and are looking forward to coming back again."

Matt S. • TripAdvisor

Fun and Relaxing

"On the day, the whole experience had a very laid-back vibe which was exactly what we were looking for in a tubing trip. Again, the staff were friendly, helpful and easy going."

Yanky M. • TripAdvisor

Great Experience!

"Took my 7 year-old nephew on a kayak ride along the 2-hour Camino Real trail. We had a great time in close contact with nature."

Ceb P. • TripAdvisor