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Youth Group Specials

Youth and the outdoors are incredibly important to us here at the Bastrop River Co. That’s why we offer special rates for scout troops and youth groups. We take extra care when assisting a scout leader or youth director to plan a paddling excursion for their youngsters.


Day Trip 

Solo Kayak $35
Canoe or Tandem Kayak $50


Solo Kayak 1 night (2 days) $40
Solo Kayak 2 nights (3 days) $60
Solo Kayak 3+ nights $80
Canoe 1 night (2 days) $80
Canoe 2 nights (3 days) $100
Canoe 3+ nights $120

If arriving Friday evening for a Sat-Sun trip, 1 night rates apply

El Camino Real Paddling


The El Camino Real paddling trail is a great introductory experience to kayaking or canoeing on slow moving water. The check-in process is quick and easy. You launch right from our boat dock at the River Co. and spend two to three hours on the water until you arrive at your exit, the Colorado River Refuge. Ground logistics may vary based on the size of your group but we work with you to figure out the details of the day.

Total River Miles = 6

Smithville Overnight

Two Days – One Night Camping

This trip begins at the Colorado River Refuge and ends in Smithville.  This is the perfect trip for groups who want to arrive on a Friday evening to start a trip on Saturday morning.  We will make the arrangements for you to set up camp at the River Refuge (a county park) at no cost.  The total trip is 20 miles broken up as 12-15 miles on day one and 5-8 on day two.  Depending on group size, shuttle arrangements may vary.  But we’ll work all that out in advance.  One night rental rates apply. 

Put In: Colorado River Refuge
Total River Miles = 20
Take Out: Hwy 95 Bridge in Smithville

Wilbarger Overnight

Overnight or Full Day

The Wilbarger paddling trail is your best bet for a long full day on the river or introductory canoe camping trip. It’s easy enough for first-timers and the take out is right back here at Bastrop River Co. This trip is so perfect for scout troops we’ve even named the campsite Scouts Island. 

Put In: Utley Bridge on FM 969
Total River Miles = 14
Take out: Bastrop

Webberville Overnight

Three Days – Two Nights Camping

This trip begins at one of the parks in Webberville (depending on what distance you choose) and ends in Bastrop.  This is the perfect trip for groups looking for an extended 2 night canoe camping adventure.  The total trip is either 30 or 35 miles broken up as 10-15 miles on day one, 14 on day two, and 6 on day three.  Depending on group size, shuttle arrangements may vary.  But we’ll work all that out in advance. 

Put In: Webberville
Total River Miles = 30 or 35
Take Out: Bastrop

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