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Quick Details

Solo Kayak 2 nights
Solo Kayak 1 night
Solo Canoe 2 nights
Solo Canoe 1 night
Double Canoe 2 nights
Double Canoe 1 night

River Camping – Smithville 1 or 2 Nights

Not for beginners. Can be a one- or two-night trip. There are numerous camping spots.

Starting point: Bastrop River Co / Fisherman’s Park
Ending point: Hwy 95 bridge Smithville

  • Total miles: 26    (day 1=16, day 2=10)  or  (day 1=6, day 2=10, day 3=10)
  • Total float time:  Plan to cover 2-3 miles/hour plus time spent fishing and stopping

This trip allows for a flexible start time since the shuttle is on the end of the trip.  For a one night trip we recommend getting started early.  If making it a 2 night trip you can get started later and only do a few miles on day 1.